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Together, we are leading the way forward.

PPF is short for “Planet Power Finance” and our name is our mission. We believe that green hydrogen is the best energy source for our planet’s future, which is why we finance solutions that advance the worldwide development of the green hydrogen economy.
We are a passionate team of industry experts who work directly with innovators, researchers, communities and governments around the world.
Andrew Horvath
Chairman/ Founder
Andrew leads the global visionary team as GGC of the Star Scientific Group, and founded Planet Power Finance AG at the end of 2019. His passion for hydrogen came early in life, as the son of nuclear physicist, inventor and founder, Stephen Horvath. Growing up, Andrew would spend his weekends in the lab with his father, experimenting with hydrogen. His determination to push beyond the impossible harvested the breakthrough technology HERO®, currently in development for commercialization and earmarked to be the demand-side hydrogen activator with the potential to evolve an array of sectors.

The idea to include an independent finance division in the group came a few years prior to its inception. Andrew has always believed that the clean energy transition is an inevitable one, and lives by his father's motto, “We don’t use brute force against nature”. He recognized the extensive funding needed for clean hydrogen technologies in order to realize his goal of moving towards a sustainable, zero-emission economy, and that it required backing from private and public sectors in order to be commercially viable. Thus, PPF was born, to accelerate the entire value chain of the hydrogen economy.

Amy Halliday
Managing Director
Amy is Managing Director of Star Scientific Limited, Australia, subsidiaries located in Switzerland, PPF, and Star Scientific Europe GmbH.

Amy is a professional Executive with an entrepreneurial mindset, with 15 years' of business experience in retail, marketing, financial planning, compliance, human resources, and venture capital. She has seven years’ experience in working with retail clients in the financial services industry, that has provided her with a deep understanding of how smart financial solutions can benefit individuals and entrepreneurs to further the economy. By joining the fight to transition to clean energy, her focus is on people’s access to essential resources: clean water, affordable power, heating and cooling, and knowledge transfer, which will in turn give rise to more jobs within circular economies, driven by hydrogen.

Amy conducts research on the current market and identifying proven clean energy technologies that have the potential for commercialization.

Amy holds a Diploma of Business, a Diploma in Financial Planning, an MBA, Energy Management from SSBM, and is a DBA candidate at the same.

Sonja Butzengeiger-Geyer
PPF’s Partner for Climate Finance and Carbon Markets
Having worked on international climate policies since 1999, Sonja Butzengeiger is an expert on Climate Finance and International Carbon Markets. She started her career as a research fellow at the Hamburg Institute for International Economics and co-founded the internationally recognised climate policy consultancy Perspectives Climate Group in 2003. From 2006 to 2007, she worked for the German Environment Ministry, and participated in numerous UNFCCC negotiations over the last 20 years.

Sonja is passionate about supporting the break-through of innovative energy technologies through existing and upcoming carbon market instruments, and supports PPF with her climate finance expertise.

Sonja holds a Diploma in Environmental Protection from University of Applied Sciences in Bingen, and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences of University Koblenz. She is fluent in English and German.

PPF’s Partner for Carbon Trading
Trained as a Nuclear Engineer (B Ap Sc & M Eng.), Bart was a member of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL’s) reactor design team for Pickering Nuclear Reactors which were built to provide power to Toronto. Bart focused on Xenon-135 fluxes during start up and shut down and he successfully predicted at what start-up power level, the absorption of thermal neutrons by Xe-135 would start to effect reactor performance, and therefore when to initiate reactor control strategies.  This critical information has allowed the Pickering reactors to still be safely providing power to the grid after 45+ years of operation, which is in stark contrast to Chernobyl where the engineers there missed the significance of the Xe-135 effect with the catastrophic result we are all aware of.  After leaving AECL he moved to the West Coast of Canada and went into the field of environmental engineering, starting two successful companies in the space.  

Now with over 17 years’ experience using carbon financing, Bart has successfully structured multiple projects in regenerative agriculture, nested jurisdictional REDD+, and in riparian and primary forest restoration.  In 2014/15 he recognized emission reduction offset possibilities of fuel switching from fossil fuels to emerging renewable energy technologies such as HERO® with green hydrogen.

Bart is skilled at managing diverse stakeholders including methodology and technical developers, validation/verification bodies, indigenous community members, as well as investor and Board of Directors relations.  Currently, Bart consults on a variety of international projects across the energy and land use sectors to develop and sell CO2 verified emission reduction offsets into the growing voluntary Net Zero carbon market, as well as into the emerging global compliance (Paris Agreement Article 6) markets.

Steffen Stäuber
PPF’s Creative Partner
Steffen Stäuber is the founder and CEO of Create Meaning, an independent consulting studio focused on supporting entrepreneurs to scale their meaningful impact in the world. 

Steffen began his creative career at the advertising agency BBDO in 2005. His work has taken him from Germany, to China, to the UK, working with major brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, MTV, and NIVEA, as well as with startups all over the globe.

In 2012, the renowned German newspaper WELT selected him as one of the country’s top “30 under 30” changemakers.

In 2015, after more than a decade in the creative and consulting industries, Steffen founded Create Meaning, in order to focus his work fully on empowering the innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs that are building solutions to create a positive future for our planet.

our parent company

For almost two decades, Star Scientific has been researching and developing solutions for a transition to energy that does not rely on fossil fuels.

One of Star Scientific’s most interesting breakthrough technologies is the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO®). HERO® can reach temperatures greater than 700 degrees Celsius in minutes, producing steam that can reliably power turbines. Behind this powerful heat source is the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen gas, along with a secret catalyst, applied to a surface. 

This true-catalytic reaction starts working at room temperature and requires no preheating or external heat sources, making it a limitless, efficient, affordable, clean, and reliable source of power.

PPF is able to collaborate with the team in the Star Scientific lab for additional, leading-edge hydrogen expertise.